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Are you ready to take your photography business to the next level?


When I first started out, I had a seemingly endless list of questions. My mind would race as I lay restless in bed at night...‘I have to Google this’...‘I have to look up how to do that’, etc. The questions kept piling up and my thirst for knowledge was insatiable. Now that I’ve gained the experience and ticked a lot of questions off my list, I feel like it’s time to give back; this is why mentoring the newer generation of photographers is so important to me.


In this profession it’s easy to feel a little lost at times. We can be unsure of where to turn and who we can talk to about things. We all need support and a safe space to bounce ideas and concepts around. We all need someone to guide us when we’re taking risks, someone who’ll encourage us to break the rules and unveil our true potential as artists. I remember the self-doubt rabbit hole all too well. It can be so intimidating to look over other photographers’ work and compare yourself to them. You begin to question yourself and your own ability. ‘Should I even be here?’ ‘Am I good enough?’ Don’t worry - if you’re reading this then the answer is HECK YES!


When I first started out, I made some major mistakes. In hindsight, I consider that a good thing, as I learned a lot - but I also burned out pretty quickly. I’m here to share anything and everything with you. I’ve found that you can read all the books and do all the online courses you want but nothing beats learning something face-to-face, hands-on, in real time. We can chat about all things photography. Starting your business, website reviews, social media guidance, SEO, accounting, creative vision, personal style, marketing, client connections, creating authentic images that speak to the soul; it’s all on the table. 


If you’re looking for a Mount Isa photography mentor who's going to nurture you creatively and practically, my door is always open. My eternal goal is to help your confidence soar. I want to get you shooting your own personal vision, not the vision that you think others want to see. I want you to walk away from our time together feeling as if you’ve made a new friend as well as gaining vital clarity on who you are as an artist and where your business is headed.

We can talk about absolutely anything and everything you want.

There should be no secrets between us; I’m here to listen and support as best I can.

Let’s connect the dots together, as one.

Intense Online Mentoring

One-hour online mentoring session.

Brief questionnaire prior to working together to ensure I am the Yin to your Yang.

Instagram and website review.

We can chat about anything you want during our hour-long session. I’ll then send you a follow up email that summarises our discussion and a plan of attack for moving forward. 

Ongoing email support for a further two weeks; I’m here to help and support!


Let's Go Deeper Online Mentoring

3 x one-hour online mentoring session.


Together, we work out a suitable timeline for our chats (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

Brief questionnaire prior to working together, to ensure I am the Yin to your Yang.

Instagram and website review.


This package is great for those wanting to dig deeper. I will give you projects and homework and you’ll have constant email support in between our sessions. We can really take a deep dive into the entire creative process behind photography and the more practical aspects of running your own business.

Ongoing email support for a further two weeks; I’m here to help and support!