Welcome Earthside Eliza || Maternity and Newborn Photographer Mount Isa

I had never met Jono and Kate, yet from the moment I first heard from Kate I got one of those feelings. You know the ones. where you just know this meeting isn't by chance.

On the day of our session I met this couple and was instantly drawn to Jono’s pride and joy, the Ford! We talked about incorporating it into the maternity session which is something I hadn’t done before, but we decided to just roll with it, get creative and see what we could come up with. The results surprised us all!

This session holds a special place in my heart. It flowed with ease and there was no awkwardness from any of us. We laughed and chatted all things babies and by the time it was over I felt like I had just been hanging out with mates.

Half way home I got a text and looked down and saw it was Kate. I pulled over and the text said, ‘Check out the MOON’. It was the Blood Moon. I spun the car around to see it and it was massive. I couldn’t believe we forgot to incorporate that in their session. This often happens….. I get so caught up in what I’m doing that I forget little things I had told myself I would do.

The next morning, I was on a hill climb with my mates from gym and at the top I stopped and noticed it was 6am on one side the moon was glowing and the other the sun was rising slowing causing the most beautiful colour to erupt across the sky. When I got in the car, I sent Kate a message – ‘I don’t suppose you are a morning person?’……. I told her my plan and she was pumped. I picked her up at 5.5oam the next morning and she hiked her pregnant belly up that hill. That was when the magic happened.

Fast forward a few weeks and little Eliza was born. She is such a delicate little flower who has her parents wrapped around her little finger.

This entire journey has been beautiful guys…..

Thank you for trusting my vision xxx