To them, she is their world.

"These photos' are the best gift I have ever given myself".

That was the message I received when I delivered this story.

Your see, it is more than just photos. It is so much more. The photos are the end product. The part that you get to look back on, knowing that moment has passed yet you've got a piece of it to hold on to.

This is your time to reflect and to take a step back and celebrate your life so far. Everyone's journey is different and noone's has been easy. In our session together I really encourage you to stop and appreciate everything you have in this very moment. To acknowledge the struggles, soak in the laughter and love and just be with those who matter most.

You are one wholesome, loving, honest and caring human being and mother Sarkarra ~ and your teachings are evident in your girls ~ they are amazing, confident, kind and strong young women and you are their whole world.