Their smiles are everything ~ In home motherhood storytelling session

It is true. A Mother's day is never done. Those little hands tap on our shoulders in the wee hours of the morning. 'Mummy, I had a bad dream', 'Mummy I had an accident'. We roll out of bed to smooth out whatever has unfolded during the night or offer our embrace as they curl up in our beds with their bodies fitting in ours like a puzzle piece.

Then as we lay there with our eyes closed hoping to gain just a few more minute's rest before the house erupts into noise and the chaos of the day, we hold them close. The hungry bellies won't rest and before we know it we are on sock searches, making lunches, breakfast, and doing hair whilst attempting to finish the coffee that has now gone cold. All of these things, in my eyes are worth documenting.

For one day, the house will not be littered in lego. The pen marks on the walls and furniture will be no more. Those cheeky giggles and loud stomping noises as they charge down the hallway will be a distant memory. These are the days ~ the precious golden years that fade too soon. Let's stop and make them last ~

A tribute to all the parent's out there..... those who feel like they aren't doing enough. You are everything to your little people. They are your biggest fans. You are enough.