Taygan and her bebe || At home, just the two of them ||

Today I sat here at my computer searching for words that I could use to describe how I felt while being in the presence of Taygan and her adorable daughter and I happened to stumble upon this...

FORELSKET ~ The indescribable euphoria when you start to fall in love {Origin: Norwegian}

For this is what it felt like I was witnessing. Taygan had contacted me in hope that we could catch up at the end of last year. Having her newborn photographed was something she had thought about but it wasn't until then, after her birth that the desire became stronger. Her birth had been a traumatic experience for her and in order to aid in the postpartum process, she felt that capturing these emotions and the surreal chaos of these early days would perhaps encourage the scars both inside and out, to begin to heal.

I believe this to be an incredible tool in healing and unpacking all of your emotions and feelings surrounding your birth and I am forever grateful to women who allow me to assist and be a part of this process.