Stranger Things || Edgy Motherhood Session Mount Isa

Anyone who know's me, know's I like things to be a little different. Unique. Strange. Out of the ordinary. Those are the things that stand out to me. Those are the things that stick in my mind and never seem to leave me. I look for details. I love it when smells transport me back to a moment in time. I like to dress according to how I feel on the day. I am a sucker for people watching and get lost pondering what strangers are thinking and where they are going. I am someone who is always up for anything and love it when people want to be spontaneous.

The word authentic seems to be getting thrown around a lot lately and I don't mind really, I love what it stands for. For this is how I approach my work. The real deal, genuine, original, true, honest and 110% from the heart.

Which brings me to these two. We decided to put a whole new spin on the Motherhood Session and do stuff they love to do together. Beer, milkshakes, skatepark and an outback adventure.... what's not to love about ALL of that?! This session was so much more that a photo shoot - it was an evening this mother and daughter will never forget. An experience. Let's do more of YOU!