Project Faceless

In this digital age in which over two billion images are uploaded to the internet each day, it is no wonder our heads are so crammed full of noise. There’s so much to look at, so many things to take in and process. When you book a session with me, I always check whether you’re OK with me sharing your images on social media. I wanted to talk about this, as I sometimes think that people feel pressured to say ‘yes’ - this is the last thing I want you to feel.

The images that you receive are your memories and yours alone. No one else's. I do love to share my work, there's no hiding that. I’m proud of the art I create for you and your family, and I find joy in showing others what they can expect from a Mount Isa family photography session with me. But know this, it is totally ok for you to answer ‘no’ to this question. Not everyone wants their most intimate details shared. I strive to capture the emotional truth of anyone who steps in front of my lens and that can mean that you may feel a little more vulnerable than usual. So I truly understand if you don’t want them to be shared on social media and, more importantly, I respect your decision.

Take a look at one of my recent sessions in which the family preferred that their children’s little faces remained a mystery to the world. Enjoy x