Paula in bloom || Mount Isa Maternity Photographer

It's the anticipation in those days leading up to the arrival of your baby. The wonder. The feeling of pure excitement. A true test of one's patience as you wait. This window of time unfolds many new facets of your new self. You. As a mother.

Just sit with that title and allow yourself to morph in to your new role.

Tidying and organising and refolding those tiny pieces of clothing that will soon cover the softest skin you have ever graced your lips upon with the most unforgettable scent. Preparing meals that you will soon eat one handed while your eyes are gazing down at the most alluring gaze you have ever seen. Organising paperwork that will soon be on hold until whenever.

Embrace all of the feelings, breathe in calm. Trust. Let it go. Your body was made to do this.

Numinous ~ A powerful feeling of both fear and fascination, of being in awe and overwhelmed by what is before you.