Mr & Mrs Morrison - An Outback Elopement

Everybody has their own idea of the perfect wedding.

My grandmother's favourite saying is 'to each his own'. I love this so much and often find those words drifting through my thoughts whenever someone does something a little different to how, let's say, I would.

However, when it comes to weddings, this is how I could imagine my own wedding day to be. Relaxed. Zero stress. Just husband and wife to be, in their own home with their children surrounded by a handful of guests that are nearest and dearest to them.

Nick and Lili live on a cattle station about 4hrs drive north of where I live so when I spoke to my partner, Lee about heading up to capture their vows he suggested he come for the drive so I wouldn't be heading back on the road in the dark on my own.

We arrived and everything was calm. Nick welcomed us at the gate while Jack and Charli followed close behind eager to chat to both of us. Macey was soundly sleeping inside and Lili arrived shortly after us. She had just gone on a (ahem) short drive to have her hair and makeup done, about 2.5hrs away.

Lee and I unpacked our esky and had something to eat on the verandah while Nick and Lili chatted to the Pastor about how the afternoon would unfold. We were both in awe of the peacefulness of where we were right then and there. An abundance of birds and their songs so beautiful and the air clean and fresh. There really is a secret to outback living.

The afternoon went smoothly. The ceremony relaxed and full of laughter, love and a few happy tears.

We then all piled in (Lee included) to their car and went to explore the property in search of pretty pockets of light to capture this family and their wedding day. One of Lili's requests were that we not only get the shots but that the images showcase their life out there as well. I believe we did just this. These images make me truly feel. And I can only hope they stir some emotion within you.