Meeting Remi - Birth Story

The lighting was low when I arrived to Birth Suite 2, on 18 December 2021 around 8am.

Josh was supporting Sophie through her surges. Sophie could still give me a smile in between.

We had met once before. I had visited them in their home upon booking me to photograph the story of them bringing their first baby into this world. It's so important to spend time together and for me to understand how you want your story documented and for you to understand who I am.

I introduced myself quietly to the midwife and there I stayed all day, observing through my lens, how their life was about to change forever.

Birth is something I will never tire of. Every single time I watch a woman become a mother or a mother's love grow a little more, I am moved beyond words. I am forever grateful for all of you who allow me in at such an intimate time for you and your partner.

Here, we welcome Remi into this world and watch Josh and Sophie's world be transformed.