Marcus + Lauren || Mt Isa Dawn Elopement

I sat here and pondered words to put to paper about this session. I was searching for deep, emotional words to describe these two and their union. But.... I thought I would try something a little different. I will just tell you how I met this couple, what happened when we tried to co-ordinate the date for their elopement and explain the event as it unfolded.

Lauren made contact with me via email and explained that due to the current climate in the world they had decided to elope. Simple, concise and no fuss. I immediately jumped at it. For elopements are something I feel strongly about. The day becomes about you and yours and no-one else. It allows you to immerse yourself in the moment and have a deeper connection to one another. The catch? My reply landed in her Junk Mail. And by the time, Lauren responded to lock in their booking, I had taken on another, wait for it - elopement session on the exact. same. day.

So, to cut the story a little shorter, we all agreed on getting up with the chooks (in the celebrant's words) and heading out to the Granite Mine where we were certain they would have the entire place to themselves and assured them that the colours in the sky and weather would be nothing short of perfection. And, it was.

We all arrived and were using torchlight to climb to our location. The fairy lights laid at our couple's feet were all the ambient lighting we needed. After many laughs, a bangin Spotify playlist (that ahem, I requested they send to me - and they did) and many tears from all of us, these two tied the knot.

They then proceeded to laugh some more, wrap up in each other's arms in front of my lens, sign the paperwork and enjoy a breakfast platter and champagne. All done and dusted in under two hours. It is the best wedding I have been to and I truly mean it.

Marcus and Lauren, thank you for allowing me to be there to witness the love you have for one another.