Insouciant Living

insouciant ~ free from worry, concern or anxiety.

Now most of you would see that definition and think "What does this have to do with this family?" So many of us do worry too much, stress over the little things and at times are suffocated by anxiety.

This day was a gentle reminder to me, me of all people with my tribe of five kids who love to smear poo, cut their own hair, cook their toys in the microwave and punch each other just for sh*ts and giggles, to embrace it. I feel like I had a grandparent kind of moment watching these guys. I was allowed to sit back and observe the chaos in all it's beauty and let me tell you I drove home this day with a grin ear to ear feeling so damn lucky.

Lucky that all of you allow me in to your lives and lucky to have the life I am living.

So, without me rambling on too much longer... here is a day in the life of Sarah and Chris, where worry seemed to be the furthest thing from their minds ♡