In our own skin....

Annika, India and Sera. Three women who have come into my life for a reason. Their session was thought provoking, powerful and liberating all at once. I walked away from this session feeling so proud of my own body and thankful for all it has done for me.

When asking them questions like 'Why did you want to do the session naked?', 'What do your matching tattoos mean?' or 'How did you feel after the session was complete?', this is what they told me.....



"For me the desire to have this session, was not just about the final product of undoubtably beautiful images, but felt it was an opportunity for celebration. To celebrate the incredible sisterhood I share with these two otherworldly, intelligent, inspiring women. To celebrate my body and the story in itself which it represents. It was an incredibly liberating thing to do, but at the same time felt so normal, like we had gone back to what women’s gatherings by the full moon once were. Every cell of my body was palpably energised, and I felt such connection to nature and to my sisters throughout the session. As I was soon to be leaving Mount Isa, it felt like the perfect closing of a chapter and ode to what my time here had given me; working with Renee and what that enabled for the growth of my business, the perfect representation of the indescribable connection I will forever share with my sisters and a stepping into my unapologetic self as a woman. My desire to share these images, even on my business platform is my offering to women, particularly those who I serve as a birth worker. To be unwaveringly proud and confident in your body and to find your sisters, because together you will RISE.

Our tattoo represents so much that we believe in, an ethos of how we practice our lives. That everything is cyclic, life, death, energy, women, the moon. With darkness and germination comes light and growth. We have deep respect for the phases of the moon and the differing energies and teachings that she brings. Whether we choose to have an awareness of it or not, the moon governs so much in life; the tides, growth of plants, world events, women’s menstrual cycles and even the birthing of babies. We designed it together and it will always represent this time.  The three of us coming together felt like a reconnection rather than a meeting. I have known these women before."



"I just remember the idea was so organically birthed. We were sitting around having coffee and said we should get photos done dancing around a fire naked like it was absolutely nothing out of the normal. It was exciting planning and deciding what we wanted to do for it and how we wanted to make shapes with our bodies representing the beauty and individuality of a women’s body but at the same time the individual making and connecting with a larger sisterhood. Where we are all one, all comfortable and connected, supported and held up by each other in a way that allows us to embrace ourselves fully.

I feel so proud of those photos. I love them and I get so excited showing anyone who will look. It feels empowering to normalise nakedness in a sensual and not sexual way. It feels like we’re taking something back and creating a safe space for that to happen."



"I never liked my body growing up. It was more of a curse to be female than a blessing. I was too thin, too chubby, too imperfect. My self worth was based on how my body looked in tight shorts and how others perceived me. That little voice has over time quietened down mostly with the help of supportive beautiful women around me. This photo shoot helped me accept myself for being a living breathing human who can run, climb, smile and do other magnificent things. Our bodies are beautiful and I felt empowered in my natural state to just be me in all my glory. I am so grateful for what my body can do, not what it isn’t or can’t. I can climb mountains, grind on dancefloors, make love and dance naked under the stars. I love how comfortable, natural and real this shoot was and I think we all need a moment of dancing naked with our kindred souls from time to time."