Immersion - Expecting Vida Package

If we haven't already met in person we will first connect via email or message. I will then send you an in-depth questionnaire to find out what you are drawn to and how you want your story told. Whether we venture out for your sessions and explore the landscapes within reach or you stay indoors and photograph you in your home. The place where you live right now. The place where you are 'you'. It's your call.

I then like to meet you prior to our session or at least, have a conversation. We talk through your questionnaire and I settle any questions you might have for me and put you at ease. This is so that when we arrive at our location or I arrive at your doorstep, we are no longer strangers. We have already connected. Then the magic happens.

We chat throughout our session and I guide you on how you interact naturally with your people. It can be overwhelming when booking a photo session with lots of thoughts running through your mind.

'We aren't photogenic'

'I feel a little awkward in front of a camera'

'Our home is simply ordinary'

'We aren't people who dress up'

'The kids might be a little wild'

Whatever your concern, trust me, I have heard it. And whatever happens on the day, I can assure you it will be exactly how it is meant to unfold. The results are always surprising.

Here is a stunning example of the Expecting Vida Package. Maternity outside immersed in nature and the newborn session in the warmth and comfort of their home.