Hudson makes five ~ in home newborn session

It's the real moments for me. Always has been. I mean, I try to pose your newborn in a little doughnut that I throw together with my bag of goodies that I bring along to each session. But, the set up isn't flash. There is no lighting, special pillows or props. I much prefer you to be the prop. In your home, with your blankets and pillows. This shows your baby the place they were brought to where they would first call 'home'.

To have their first shower documented, and not with an iPhone. To have you all in the frame, and yes, even when your big brother is jumping all over the bed. For that's what toddler's do. They don't understand the caution that needs to be taken around their baby brother. They just want to do what they've always done and usually they are rough as hell. I love these moments. Not only does it take me back to when my babies were small but it makes me smile. No toddler that I know of has ever sat still the entire time of a photoshoot. They are curious and are meant to move.

You don't need to have a spotless home or be done up. The reality is, you've just given birth and you are all adjusting to this new life, and trust me, you are all glowing. If you trust me and let me in at this time, I promise I will capture this time is all it's raw beauty. And I know you will look back on these days and just 'feel' like you are there again.