Homogenous - An Ode to the Twin Connection

homogenous ~ of the same or a similar kind or nature

An ode to the twin connection.

As a mother of identical twin girls I wanted to honour their connection and showcase all facets within.

They are two, yet one. The yearn for solidarity yet aren't complete without the other.

Unique and individual however thrive when united as one.

This is my personal work. I tend not to showcase a lot of the work that I do for me. I felt it time to share so you that you can further understand who I am and why I do what I do. This collection is very intimate and extremely important to me. It holds a very special place in my heart.

Balanced Contrast

When they close their eyes, they are as one.

Harmoniously Divergent

When you look upon them they are similar to the ordinary human. Their ethereal likeness is awe inspiring. Yet beneath the surface polarities are becoming more apparent. The level of compassion, understanding and acceptance they demonstrate is an example of humanity we could all take a lesson from.


Holding On I believe life will pull them in directions that may not be the same. The need to hold on to each other will be imperative.

Fragments Like the pane of glass they'e fragments are unique and individual yet intertwined together as one.

Mirage When a twin looks in the mirror, do they see but one reflection?

One In The Same Unified by their DNA, intertwined as one. Two individuals on their own path walking hand in hand.

Lost In Wonder Their language between each other could only be understood by them. They understand one another's looks, their gestures and their imaginary worlds are one in the same.

Soul Reflection This freckle under their eye is in the exact same spot on the opposite side. It was not present when they were born but has appeared as they have grown.

An exterior unexplainable mark that reflect their mirrored souls. This collection is available on Foundation