From Maiden to Mother - Larni | Chapter 1

I sat at my desk and stared at these emotive images and was transported back to my own pregnancy journeys. I found it a challenge to put words to them and then yesterday, it was almost as if Larni knew. She wrote a post about her feelings at this point and I felt her words were meant to be printed here. This pregnancy has flown and I’ve honestly loved the whole journey. I can’t even believe I’m in the precipice of giving birth- about to enter the sacred birth portal. Who knows who I’ll emerge as when I come out the other side. All I know is I’m dying to meet her.

It’s daunting and bittersweet farewelling the maiden. An identity I’ve been attached to and embodied for so long now. But like all cycles in life that must too draw to an end- crumble away- to embrace the new. The era of “mother”.

My 20’s was all about growing, birthing, nourishing and raising babies. I turned 30 in June and this next decade of my life will be different. Raising babies. Watching them grow. New challenges. New goals. And that it scary in a way- it is really challenging to let the old fall away. But it has to happen at some stage. Just like the seasons ever change so do our cycles as women.

Maiden - Spring

Mother - Summer

Maga - Autumn

Crone - Winter

Farewelling the maiden is hard. I love her. I owe her so much and part of me doesn’t want to let her go. But it’s almost time- and I think I’m ready ✨