Christina ~ My Body, My Growth.....

After having my first child, I gained so much weight and my body image had changed so much.

I was insecure about all my imperfections and I gave up on me….

I would look at my stomach, my bottom, my thighs, my stretch marks, my scars from my c-section and always covered them because I was ashamed of how my body turned out to be. My boobs were a lot less perkier, my nipples were a darker and larger… I was defeated and had no pride in my body, I was so insecure, lost all my confidence to the point I didn’t even want to look in the mirror anymore and started to wear baggier clothing. I was simply embarrassed and didn’t love myself at all.

It took me while to grow and accept my body and to learn to start to love it again. 2020 was the year for it and I made that choice to grow and be more positive, I am getting there.

Body image is a huge battle in our society and social media shows that we should have the ‘perfect body’. It’s not real, not raw and we need to be empowered by every woman’s body image! You're perfect just the way you are!

Today I stand with pride and empowerment to show you it’s ok to feel these things and to be insecure, but to also accept your body and the changes it goes through during pregnancy and after having children.

I am now on my second pregnancy with a gorgeous girl growing inside of me, my body isn’t perfect and is completely different to my son’s pregnancy and that’s ok, I love my growing belly. I’m growing a human being and that’s fucking amazing.

I look at my stretch marks, my scars and think, man I’m a badass woman!

This is my body, raw and all and I’m proud.

Thank you to Renee, for being such an amazing photographer and choosing me for your maternity shoot. We had a great connection as we both love anything and everything about the arts and creativity. I always said I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and you helped me with such encouragement but also positivity! Thank you 💓 It was an amazing experience and I am in love with all of the images!