Celebrating Jaguar's First Lap Around the Sun

What does a first birthday celebration look like to you?

For some it's a day at home with close family, a bbq, an afternoon in the park with cake or a big bash. What I love is when families decide to photograph this special time.

And more and more as the years go on, I love nothing more than doing this.

Why? Because, now I have got to be part of the pregnancy, the time when you brought them home and a newborn and you were all finding your feet and groove with your newest addition. So it feels so organic to be there when your little one turns one. I am forever grateful that I get to call this work a 'job'.

One year after you welcome your child into the world is worth celebrating. Not only their birthday but you as parents and as a family. You have all learned more about one another and the love that you thought couldn't get stronger, does. It's magical.