Before anything else, I will be their Mum ||

After this session I knew immediately that I wanted to share these images. Not only was I in love with the images and that the session went exactly how I had envisioned. I wanted to encourage other mother's out there to truly embrace their journey and honour their bodies and the gifts is has given them.

So I asked Zianna "What does it mean to be a mother?". And below is her powerful answer.

"It means forgetting every single expectation I may have had and surrendering to what has and will become, whilst doing my absolute best to protect and guide, two souls that shine brighter than any single star.

Its hard, it's raw, it's emotionally and physically draining and most days it's pure chaos.  But, it is the single most glorious thing I have become and will ever do.

Before anything else, I will always be their Mum."

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I'm Renee.

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Artist. Doer. I am a free spirited soul 

who loves my children hard.

I want to encapsulate the peace

that exists amongst the madness.


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