At home with Imogen ~ Newborn Session Mount Isa

I saw CJ the weekend before his and Shayela's maternity session was booked in. We were both excited for it and I told him I would catch him next week. But, little Imogen had another idea. Shayela messaged me the day before our session was booked with a photo of the sweetest, tiniest little surprise! Imogen had decided to come early.

So, we changed things up and I went over a few days later and captured the early days at home. How does a newborn session at home work? What do we do? How do we pose? Short answer is, you don't. You just do all the normal things you would do if I wasn't there. You put the kettle on and sip your morning cup. You curl up in your nursing chair and gaze lovingly at your newest addition. You feed when they tell you it's time, you can bath your precious bundle if they are unsettled and feed again. Then, you lay with them while they fall asleep in your arms. And I am a mere bystander. Grateful to be there with you capturing these real moments unfold.