Anniversary Sunset Surprise || Family Photographer Mount Isa

You want to know a secret about me? Growing up I was no good at keeping secrets. Ironic isn't it? If you had something you didn't want anyone else to know I was not the person you should be telling. For whatever reason, as soon as someone said the word 'secret', I was bursting to tell just one person. And I would literally do the whole Chinese whispers thing and say, 'I need to tell you something that so and so told me but you can't tell anyone, ok?'.

Fast forward twenty years and things have changed quite a bit. Ok, a lot. I am now what I consider to be, a vault. Trusted with proposals, pregnancy announcements and life's most precious messages. And in this session Lucy had planned a very romantic platter date to bask in the sunset after our family session and spend the evening with her man and their babies, celebrating their anniversary.

My role, to keep it all under wraps, not forget to bring the platter along and capture their first family sunset session! Safe to say I think we nailed it xxxx

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