And then the first rains came....

Amy and Willow drove in from out of town for the Mount Isa photography sunset session that we’d been planning together for some time. On that day, the clouds happened to gather overhead, casting the sky in a beautiful pale grey. This is such a rare occurrence that I knew exactly where we had to go in order to get the most out of it.

When we all met, we clicked instantly, like old friends. Amy's warm smile and Willow's playful nature were so electric that I just knew our time together would flow seamlessly. I explained my thoughts on how the session should pan out and we started shooting. Amy just 'got me'.

Throughout the session we had a light drizzle of rain, which was sorely needed; it had been so long since our desert earth had sipped any water. This session fuelled my creative fire beyond words. A mama and her baby, sharing moments under the rain, oblivious to anything else but each other.