Amy and Jaguar - Connection

I often sit and ask myself why I do this. What is it I am trying to say in my photographs? Why do I pick up my camera almost every day? What is it I want to leave behind and why? Why? Why?

My take on it all is this. Anyone can take a photograph, yes. And in the world at this moment in time every day our minds are flooded with images each and every day. It is my duty to look deeper than the surface, search for the emotion within the frame and capture the feeling. To make you stop. To transport you. To captivate you.

Picking up my camera I have discovered to be very healing. I communicate through images know that my images will be here long after I am gone and know they will tell a story.

To celebrate this special time in Amy's motherhood journey we spent a morning by the river. Stripped everything back. In nature. Nurturing her baby boy and honouring the female form.