after school simplicity || in home motherhood capture || Mount Isa photographer

We all know the drill. You pile out of the car with bags, homework, water bottles and bits and pieces arts and crafts or notes galore. Shoes and socks litter the path they've walked and the bags get thrown on the floor. We say the same thing every time we get home. 'C'mon you guys, let's put our lunchboxes in the kitchen, our dirty socks in the basket, pop your bags away and put your shoes in your cupboard'. 'Yes, once that's done you can change if you want and I will get you a snack'.

And then.... for that little bit of time between that and having to do homework and prep dinner there is the after school chit chat that unfolds. They all want to tell Mum about their day, each raising their voice louder as if their story is more exciting. Well, can I tell you something? You all know the answer and I don't mean to sounds pessimistic but this phase flies by far too quickly. Let me kindly nudge you to sit a little longer, listen a little harder, touch their sweet faces and hold them closer. Even if for just today you let the to do list slide. Tomorrow is another day.