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When Zianna wrote to me and told me her vision for her family photo's excitement stirred within. She was pumped. The seriousness in her email and how she conveyed the need to have photo's of their babies before they grow much more spoke to me. These are my people.

We all put it off. I have. I'm sure you have. Zianna had until now.

We chatted on the phone and messaged back and forth going over what they were all wearing, the landscapes in which she was drawn too and how she wanted the afternoon to pan out. I explained how I wanted them to just use this time as precious time spent together. No one else. Just them. And to embrace this venture we were about to dive in to.

The afternoon was humid and there were storm clouds rolling in. The sky was all shades of grey and there was a crisp, cool gentle breeze. There was a petrichor scent in the air and it felt nothing short of amazing!

This beautiful family welcomed me instantly but it was like we had already known each other for some time. These two oozed relaxed... they were that 'go with the flo' type. Excellent. For having this kind of approach also feeds through to the kiddos which makes for a very fun, flowing session.

They climbed hills, picked flowers, twirled, cuddled, kissed, sang songs and took in the surrounds. We completed the session with a dip... some splashing may have occurred. Giggles, more cuddles and images to last a lifetime.

Check out our session below xxx

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