8 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Yourself || Mount Isa Photography Mentor

Alright, you're here. Which means you are searching for that little something extra but you are just not quite sure what it is. You've been photographing for some time and you want to kick things up a notch. Mentoring is such an incredible tool to utilise as it is someone sharing all of their 'tried and tested' and be honest about their journey. Let's talk about the reasons why you need a mentor and dive into how this will propel your business and you forward.

1 || Support

Someone to turn to. I have said this a number of times but this job can be pretty lonely at times. Having a mentor to download to and brainstorm together to work things out is priceless. Self doubt and comparison is a common theme among creatives that I see over and over. A mentor is about having someone there to encourage and support you through these cycles and offer real life practices to help weather the storm.

2 || Guidance

A mentor wants you to succeed. They want the absolute best for you. I am a firm believer in honesty being the best policy and so a mentor will take a good hard look at all areas of your business (not just your images) and advise you on areas they feel could benefit from change and areas you are killing it in. They will offer suggestions and help you implement them.

3 || Learning

There is a bucket load to learn in photography and I am here to tell you something exciting - it never ends. You will continue to learn something new for the rest of your photography days. Why make all the mistakes yourself when you can learn from someone who has done it all before you? A mentor will show you how they do it. Not tell you how you should do it. They are transparent. You will see how they talk to their clients, look into their workflow, how they write blog posts, their social media and all the behind the scenes. You will learn real skills from them and gain confidence to put it all into practice.

4 || A Real Person to Ask

Let's face it. In todays world we are all so connected yet all alone. Contradictory as it sounds I believe it to be true. We can google all the questions, find all the Youtube tutorials and read all the PDF workbooks in the world and yet there is nothing better than having a real person with experience to ask. Human connections will always trump the keyboard in my book.

5 || Business Talk

If only it was just about picking up your camera and taking images that move you?! We will talk all things photography. Business start up, website review, social media guidance, SEO, accounting, client management, styling, finding your voice, honing in on your style, personal projects, marketing, the use of light, client connections, creating authentic emotive images that speak to the soul. Whatever you want. The works.

6 || A Safe Place

How nice would it be to come home after a session or when you have had a vision and to talk it over with someone who just gets it? Your mentor is your safe person who you can do this with. They are there for you to share your ideas, concepts and dreams with and explain were you would like to be in years from now and openly and honestly aid you in making it happen.

7 || Priorities

Your 'to do' list is long and your 'want to try' list is even longer. A mentor will work with you to help you establish what needs to be done now versus what you would like to implement. Together you will prioritise your business and have a clear plan of attack in moving forward.

8 || Goals

It's about slowing down. Having more of a plan and taking things one step at a time. We will work out your goals but make it so they're achievable and not overwhelming. Your growth is imperative but it needs to be about you and timed. Mentorships are customised and a mentor is there to guide you along your own path and there to pick you up when you trip so you don't fall. I am passionate about creative projects and still taking time to shoot for you - that's why we all ended up here in the first place right?

Together we will keep that fire burning ||

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