Engagement Adventure Session || Mount Isa Photographer

It was 4pm on the day of our session and I received a text from Steph.....

'Um, have you looked at the weather forecast?'

I knew exactly what she was talking about but was just waiting it out a little longer. Living in the desert, you find yourself saying things like - it never rains. Because, the fact is, it can be a long time between storms out here. And how bittersweet it was this day. I knew we were in desperate need of rain, yet I was so excited and pumped for this session and I knew Steph was too.

'Yeah, I think we will be fine, let's wing it'

I could almost feel the apprehension in her reply. She wanted it to be perfect. And so it should be. We decided to reassess right before our session. The clouds were scattered, there was thunder and lightning.... but, very little rain.

We went for it! When we arrived at our location there was small walk to the 'spot'. This was a spot I had never been before and thought these guys were the perfect guinea pigs. All I can say is I am so glad we braved the storm.

It added such a mystical vibe and as a photographer I couldn't have asked for better. The rain added beautiful bokeh and the sun came out at just the right time and the rocks and landscape glistened. A cool breeze put these two at complete ease and together, the three of us made some magic.