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This has been a love story that I have been dreaming of for almost a year now. I drive past this house everyday after I drop my children to school and was just drawn to the worn look. It oozed character and something about it was nostalgic.

I loved every element. From the lawn that was scattered in what one could only describe as Autumn leaves, to the rustic wooden steps that lead up to those beautiful glass doors. The old rattan couch that if it could speak could spin one thousand tales and the longhorn hanging that tied it all together. I loved it all. And, I could see the photographs I was going to take. I would drive home visualising the entire session, the details, the overall feel it would give the viewer. I had it all in my head - right down to the green beer bottles. There was a fire inside of me that would not go out until I made this come to life. I just had to make it happen. I had to.

A few weeks ago I got the courage up to stop and knock on the door and ask if they would be ok with me doing a session there. The guy smiled and looked down and shook his head. He was really great and gave me the go ahead! Man I love Mount Isa for that - it's a community.

I also found my couple and told them the story I had in my head. They understood and saw my vision and we dived right in. I explained you don't have to be getting engaged, or married, eloping or making an announcement to have your photo's taken together. There does not have to be a 'reason'.

Let us take you on a journey. One with a desert, Vegas kind of vibe. The story is simple. Two people madly in love, most comfortable when together. A couple that plays, laughs, loves hard and has a little bit of badass all rolled into one.

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I'm Renee.

Mother, partner, photographer.

Artist. Doer. I am a free spirited soul 

who loves my children hard.

I want to encapsulate the peace

that exists amongst the madness.


Capturing the beauty that is present in your everyday life,

one snapshot at a time.

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