Earth Mama || Outdoor Motherhood Session

Every session I start, I have a vision. And at the beginning, I will tell my client what I am thinking. I can usually tell by their expression if their picking up what I am putting down. Sometimes, the husband give's his wife 'the look'. And then there are times like my meeting with Danielle and her handsome little man Jackson, where my vision and expectations were blown away! I wanted to tell a story. A story of motherhood in all it's rawness. With no makeup or fancy clothes and not having to go and sit in a salon and have your hair done. Because we all know new mums only dream of this stuff, and let's face it, even if it does happen we are constantly wanting it to be quick or check on our new bundle to see if they are ok without us. It's stressful.

So, here..... in this beautiful motherhood session, I told Danielle to kick off her shoes and dote on her boy. Just love on him. Think about the first time she laid eyes on him, imagine her life without him. Squeeze him tight, hold him close and protect him.

The images are so powerful. It is by far one of favourite sessions to date, a mother and her babe. No props. Little direction. And love.