When my photography journey started to speed up a few months ago, I felt like I wanted some guidance. Someone to push me. Someone who would help me find my voice in photography and really showcase what I can do as an individual. Then, one day I came across The Unraveled Academy. For this I am so grateful. It is an exceptional community of likeminded people who are not in competition with one another. Instead, they uplift, encourage and bring out the best in each other. I had found exactly what I was looking for.

I decided to participate in their three week intense workshop. Each week there was a tonne of valuable information to sift though and I felt I soaked in each and every word. The weeks would end in an assignment that we would submit and have marked. They offered constructive criticism and the feedback was invaluable.

I want to share with you the result of one of my assignments. The task was this. Last Session Ever. If you only had one more session to leave your creative mark on this world, what would it be? Deep right? Yes. So deep. That's me though, a deep thinker, a deep feeler and I couldn't wait to dive in.

This shoot was one that was just for me. I could choose ANYTHING I wanted to. What story would I tell? What images would I want to leave behind? What would my legacy be? Without hesitation I knew I would be shooting my children.

So, as you look over these images, you may not see or feel what I do. These images bring me to tears (in a good way). And they tell my story and how I see my role as a mother today.

I love my children beyond words. Juggling five of them does come with challenges. There are days I simply become the observer and sit back and watch their beautiful interactions with each other. There are blissful days where we laugh, we dance and life feels like it couldn't be better.

There are days that are challenging. These days, I feel like I can't hear myself think, and I am being pulled in so many directions and pieces of me are needed to be spread over these five people so thin. There are days when they are angry and want to sit alone and be left in their own thoughts, or days where they want to be held or rocked, or just given a helping hand. Days where they look at me, and their little gazes are so innocent I want to bottle up the moment and keep it forever. And some days are full of resistance. Where I am there, wanting badly for it to be how it was before the teenage years approached us.

Acceptance is one thing I am learning each and every day. It is so important to accept each phase as we go and cherish the good while it lasts. Motherhood is a wild ride thats for sure. Some days, I am barely keeping my head above water, others I am floating on a cloud. But, whatever day it is, I want them to know that I truly love them. Madly. Deeply.