Today, tomorrow and always.....

We all know what is needed to maintain a healthy, loving relationship with our partners. But, the question is. Do we practice it?

In this current age, time is what we all want more of. And, for families with young children, in my personal experience, we are so stretched for time. We spend our time with our children. We spend our time working. We spend our time playing sports, maintaining our homes, gardening, pursuing creative projects, and hobbies. We spend our time plugged in. I guess, we all spend our time doing what is important to us.

How much time do we spend together? Alone. Connecting. Letting go of all the other titles we hold on to. This to me is something I believe is the key to laying down a strong foundation and the key to securing a future together. Drop the guilt and live in the moment and make time for each other.

This session with this young couple was truly eye opening. Not only to myself, but to my assistant on the day who is also a mother. In fact, we talked about them the entire drive home and have since reflected on what we were witness to on this evening and it is for this reason that I want to share it with you. Here is a young married couple with a toddler who are madly in love and deeply connected. They have made it a priority and it shows.

There was no child in sight. We didn't speak about him. This was their time. And they were invested. Each embrace was with passion. The way he brushed her hair from her face so tenderly. The way they kissed and giggled like teenagers. Then there were moments were they were lost in each other's gaze. Time stood still. And the silence that surrounded us was magical.

This shoot was one of the most moving for me personally. I feel it. Every time I look at these images I feel it. The love.

And we all know I am a sucker for love.

The images speak for themselves.