And then there was you // Lifestyle Family Photography

Let me tell you a story. A story that I find hard to write. Not because it's a difficult story, but because I know these people. They're my family. And, I want it to be right.

The Lynis Family. My sister in law Kylie, her husband Shane and Thana, they're son. My nephew.

I have sat here for the last hour wondering what I was going to write that would help you to understand their journey. But, as I uploaded these images, I realised that maybe these words from me are to be few. And that once I gave you an introduction, the images would tell the story.

For a lot of us growing up we think life is simple. We find our partner, get married or settle down and start a family. In reality, it just isn't all that straightforward. These two beautiful souls were so blessed to find each other and have a magical wedding. However, in planning their family they were faced with challenge after challenge. As an outsider, watching from the sideline, it was unfair. Brutal. Emotionally draining. But, together they overcame each and every obstacle and still found a reason to smile.

I remember the day Kylie told us their exciting news. They had decided to submit an application for adoption. This was almost five years ago. I don't need to describe how long that time dragged on. It was like it was in slow motion. Always wanting to know if there was an update, but not wanting to pry as we knew how badly they wanted things to progress.

October last year the news we had all been waiting for was delivered. Kylie was up on one of her frequent visits to see us and she walked in the front door and handed me two photo frames. In the frames were portraits of a little boy. A two year old Thai boy named Thana. I knew immediately that this was their son. The tears of joy streamed down my cheeks.

In January, he flew with his Mum and Dad back to Australia and now calls Brisbane home. We were so excited to meet him just a few days ago and these three are exactly where they belong. Together.

Some things are just meant to be.

to be continued.......