the power of a creative session

What exactly is a creative session, anyway?

In my eyes, a creative session is about bringing all of my ideas to fruition. It's a way for me to break free and challenge myself.

The way I look at the world has always been a little...different. Everything I see is an opportunity for a photograph and I feel compelled to take snapshots of all the beauty around me, in order to say 'I was here'.

From time to time I feel the urge to push myself creatively, try new techniques, play around a little and take the pressure off. So I approach my muse - in this case, Jana - who I have photographed before and am shooting again very soon. I explain my vision and together we see what plays out. There's no time limit, no payment and, most importantly, no restrictions. I allow myself to change lenses, experiment with light, slow my shutter down and bend and break the rules in order to grow.

I always jump in my car after a session like this with a feeling of fulfilment I can't explain. The smile on my face says it all as I am beaming with excitement to edit the moments we have captured together. My creative cup overflows. And my muse receives all her moments, delivered in a gallery - a time capsule for her to hold dear. So, if you're a photographer who is feeling a little lost or unsure as to where you are heading, I urge you to do this. I'm here if you are wanting a photography mentor session but it's also something you can for yourself every day. Find yourself a muse. You probably already have one in mind. Maybe not a specific person just yet but maybe an idea. Bring that idea to the forefront and prioritise your art. Your passion. You have full creative control and this freedom is more liberating than you could ever imagine.

I dare you :)

I would like to credit a good friend of mine I have met through our art - Justin Reid - who is the man behind the camera in this film.

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