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You start to feel old when you say you've known someone for almost 20 years. It's the typical small town story. Daniel and Mic have been in and out of my life now for a long time depending on what phase we were in. And, it had been some time since I had gotten to slow down, quieten all the noise and just hang out.

This entire journey was so dreamy. On the morning of the maternity session it was overcast and we decided to stay inside and search their home for pockets of light to make magic. Once Daniel left for work, it was time for mama and Vann to steal a moment. The sun peeked out from the clouds near the end so we finished outside and let the rays of light dance across her growing bump.

It wasn't long after that I received the news that their little bundle had been welcomed into the world and so I made my way up to ward excited to meet him and to do our Fresh 48 session. While the medical team were busy at work I sat back and took a documentary approach, ensuring to capture all of those details that can so easily be forgotten in the haze of having a newborn whilst still ensuring those tender moments of 'hey, we are your new family' were not missed.

Then once settled at home, we met for the newborn session. While we focused on Nash for the most part it gave them all a chance to relax and find their groove as a family of four. Interacting, laughing, cuddling and just being together.

I feel truly honoured to be able to have done this for them and am so grateful that through my work and their beautiful little man, we have become reconnected. They trusted in my creative vision and allowed me to guide them through it all.

Until next time....

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