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The experience

First of all, I want you to know that for each and every session, I’m always totally present and ready to make it a unique, tailored experience for you. Something I love about photography is the power behind the images. I often find myself sipping a cup of tea, getting lost in shots of my mother and me as a child. Sadly, she is no longer with us but the warm feeling that washes through my body whenever I relive these precious memories is like nothing else on earth. I find myself smiling without even realising it. That’s the same sensation I’m trying to evoke in you, through your own images, your own story. That is why I do what I do. 

When we get together for our shoot, we’ll have already met and got to know each other a little. Then time stands still while my camera and I fade into the background and you spend some genuine time with your own tribe. No technology, no chores, no callers, no distractions. Just a slice of time for yourselves, time to create your own world, time to slow down and breathe. Inhale every moment. 

I’ve discovered whole new depths of patience from having five children of my own, so believe me when I say I’ll be calm and focused on the moments as they unfold. I won’t miss a thing. Wind blowing your hair? Don’t stress. Let it go. It creates a moment that can’t be fabricated. Trust me to capture it. Your child gets upset? No problem at all. Hold them, sing softly to them, until it feels like their body is part of yours. You can’t fake that pose. That’s what it’s all about. No awkwardness, no counting from three, no saying ‘cheese!’. Just a whole lot of love from being close to those you cherish the most. 


As a lifestyle photographer in Mount Isa, I’m looking to capture the moments in between. The emotional shorthand we develop with those closest to us. The subtle, tireless affection of everyday love. That’s what drives my photography.

I want you to be seen for who you really are. I want your family to see and feel these images when they look at them for years to come, the same way I do with my own family. I’m an extremely emotional being and I prioritise the emotion behind the images above everything else. I’ll work tirelessly to bring them out. 

Lastly, I promise not to let you feel lost and awkward when you’re with me. Believe me when I say, you are safe in my hands. All you need to do is trust. I’ve got you.

Simply Vida

Expecting Vida 

One photo session

at your home or chosen location

Complimentary use of my blankets, wraps & clothing

50+ High Resolution Digital Images

Access to Online Store


One maternity and one newborn photo session

at your home or chosen location

Complimentary use of my blankets, wraps & clothing

90+ High Resolution Digital Images

Access to Online Store



By the time your session rolls around, we’re already fast friends. You've told me what makes your heart skip a beat, we've discussed all things styling-related, and I’ve got a good grip on your individual 'look'. There’s zero awkwardness or formality; you just turn up and hang with your people.

Leave the rest to me.

The Simply Vida Package is for families, couples, motherhood, maternity or newborn

All galleries are delivered with a slideshow of your images for you to download and keep forever

Please note: These sessions are for immediate family only. See my FAQs for Extended Family rates.


Commercial & Corporate

Lookbooks, catalogues, and product shoots are something I’m extremely passionate about. Social media and marketing imagery is an extremely important part of any business and I want to help you create the perfect visuals for your brand. These projects are given custom quotes so together we can shape them to your vision, needs, and budget.


Weddings & Elopements

Do you want to break from all the traditions and just make your wedding day about you two? Or do you have a cosy, intimate wedding in mind, celebrating your union with your nearest and dearest?

Whatever your dream is, I’m here to help you carefully plan your big moment and ensure it’s captured exactly how you envision it. I strive to make your elopement photography evoke the same joyous feelings you experienced on that unforgettable day. 

Starting at $1400

Frequently Asked Questions

OK, I'm ready to book - what are the next steps?

Awesome! I am so pumped to meet you. Let's have a quick chat to work out a good date and time then I'll send an email over to you with all the details of our session. The questionnaire is super important, so please don't hold back when completing this bad boy. The more I know about you and your crew, the more our session will flow. The contract covers us both and the invoice will also be attached; payment of the deposit is required at the time of booking via PayPal or direct deposit. Boom! Done :)

I'd love some other family members to come along - is that cool?

No problem! I just ask for an extra $50 per family member (outside your immediate family). And keep in mind that we’ll still stick to the scheduled time, otherwise it’s too long for the little ones; so try not to bring too many people along if possible.

Is there a deposit required?

There is a non-refundable deposit of 25% of your session fee. The remainder is due one week prior to our session and I am more than happy to come up with a payment plan to help you out if necessary.

What should we wear?

Such a good question! As soon as you've booked your session, I'll email you with all the outfit help you need. You should try to wear colour tones that will match the other people's clothes in your shoot. Think about the location and choose clothing to compliment and stand out from the background. In my opinion, soft, earthy colours always photograph the best; also, don't be afraid to break it up with some prints. However, sometimes overly loud prints and bright colours can be distracting in photos - oh, and avoid fluro! One more thing I try to avoid is everyone in white shirts and denim...I think that is one fashion statement that should be left in the '90s. Before the shoot, I'll explain things like which colours and tones to look for and which textures and patterns to avoid. I will happily answer any questions and you are of course welcome to send over photos of your ideas! The most important thing to me is that you feel and look like yourselves, so that you can be as comfortable as possible during our session. You be you.

Do we choose the location?

Here, you have two options. The first one is in the comfort of your own home. Think coffee, snuggles, your kids' favourite teddy and capturing every little detail of your home for years to come. These sessions are normally done between 9am - 1pm. Or we can go on an outdoor adventure. Slap on your sun protection and bug spray, grab a water bottle and away we go! We can climb the hills and have our session with the rugged outback as our landscape, venture out to the water or find a field of golden grass. Whatever your heart desires! It does pay to throw a few snacks, a towel, spare clothes, etc. in a bag that we can just pop down while we make some magic!

I'm a little worried about my wildlings...

I have five kids, so I get it. They all have their moments. What I won’t do is force them into a pose or pressure them into doing anything they don’t want to do. That’s never fun for anyone and can be stressful. I’ll base the session around getting them to feel comfortable, having fun and recording the natural moments of connection between you all. Let kids be kids!

Are all of our images edited?

Yes, all images delivered are edited to my artistic aesthetic. However, alterations to clothing, body shapes, freckles/birth marks and other similar physical attributes will be left in, while things like baby spit on mama’s shoulder will be edited out (unless otherwise requested). * RAW images will not be provided.

What happens after the session?

Shortly after the session, I will send you a sneak peek and then two weeks later you will receive a link to the online gallery. This is where you will select your included images (depending on which package you've chosen) and can purchase products through your online store. You can also choose to upgrade your package at this stage (if you haven’t already done so). To make the whole process as easy as possible, when you receive your online gallery you will also gain access to your own personalised online store where you can purchase a wide range of products including matte & fine art prints, framed prints, canvases and albums. All prints and products are produced by the most experienced and professional photo lab in the country and are of the highest quality. Custom orders are also available upon request.