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This is me

My name’s Renee. I’m mother to five beautiful babies, with a very supportive partner by my side (who also happens to be my best friend). I’m a cardio junkie who can’t get enough of the outdoors…as long as there’s a hot cup of tea waiting afterwards (full disclosure: I’m a legit addict!). I also enjoy my own company when I can find the time, but as you can imagine, my little tribe keeps me pretty engaged!


These guys right here, in the image below - that's why I'm here. My babies are my whole wide world (and then some). They have shaped me into the person I am today. My 17-year journey through motherhood has taught me so many things. Patience, resilience, calmness, strength...the list is long and the journey’s still going. I’ve also learned that time flies by you pretty damn fast. We hear it over and over again, but it really is true.

So here I am, baring my soul, sharing something I love with you all in the hope that it might shift something deep within and stir up some positive emotions. I adore documenting my children and our crazy times together, my friends and their own families, new babies, birth, life as we know and live it. Candid. Unstaged. Raw.

Now, about my images - I want to photograph you as you are, in the moment. No posing, no awkward family positioning from tallest to shortest. You do your thing and I’ll capture the real person inside. I want you to be yourself and this means making you feel as comfortable, natural and open as possible. The thing I love most about photography is when I look at an image and feel a wave of emotion wash over me. I want to shoot images of you and your loved ones that make you stop, smile and instantly relive that day in your mind. Images that make you close your eyes and be transported back to that very moment in time. Forging permanence out of impermanence. 


When you show up, it’s about being who you really are - no pretenses and no acting. Your honest self is all you have to bring. But it’s also about hanging out together and getting to know each other a little bit. I treat each and every session as a unique experience and strive to tell your personal story through my images.