I'm Renee. Mother to five beautiful babes with a very supportive partner and best friend. I am a coffee addict and a cardio junkie who loves the outdoors. I also enjoy my own company, though with my tribe you can only imagine how often this happens.


These guys right here, in the image below, that's why I'm here. My babies are my whole wide world and then some. They have shaped me into the person I am today. Patience, resilience, calmness and strength is what I have learned in my sixteen year journey of motherhood. I've also learned time goes so damn fast. We all hear it and it's so true.

So, here I am - baring my soul, sharing something I love with you in hope that it may shift something within and stir some emotions. I love documenting my children and our crazy life, my friends and their families, new babies, birth, and life as we know it. Candid. Undisrupted. Raw.

Now, about my images. I want to photograph you as you are. No posing. No awkward positioning from tallest to shortest. Just all in. And do your thing. I want you to be yourself. Comfortable and natural. You see the thing I love most about this whole gig is when I look at an image and a wave of emotion washes over my body. I want to make images of you and your people that make you stop, smile and relive that moment in time. So you can close your eyes, hold that image close to your chest and be transported back to that very day.

It's about turning up and being who you really are. Your honest self. And just hanging out together. I treat each and every session as an individual and strive to tell your story. No one else's. 

Image by Love Her Wild Photography


  I am a natural light lifestyle photographer based in Mount Isa and striving for authenticity. I specialise in family photography, maternity photography, newborn photography, portrait photography, intimate wedding photography and elopement photography. Servicing Mount Isa, North West Queensland. I love to travel so wherever you are - hit me up and together we can turn your creative vision into memories you will hold forever.

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